Kim Kardashian tells Jimmy Fallon that she never saw ‘SNL’ before she hosted and had ‘no idea’ he was on it


Kim Kardashian stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night to promote her new skincare line, which was her first time back on the Peacock network since she hosted Saturday Night Live last October. However, when asked if she was nervous hosting SNL, which is arguably a bigger deal than a skincare line, the reality maven made a startling admission.

“You know, I was nervous for a second, because I have to be honest, I’ve never seen SNL before,” Kardashian confessed. “I went to one taping with Eddie Murphy, but I had never — and I’ve gone backstage …”

“I’m dead serious,” she continued, when Fallon justifiably reacted in feigned shock. Could Kim Kardashian be the only person to host SNL without ever having seen the show before?

“I knew what it was. I knew it was so iconic, but I had never…” the 41-year-old SKIMS founder trailed off once again. But then she made an even more jaw-dropping claim to Fallon: “I gotta be honest, I had no idea you were on.”

Beating the dead horse of why life is unfair, Kardashian then recalled a charming anecdote from shortly after her hosting stint.

“Even like a month after, I was at dinner and Will Ferrell was sitting right next to me, and the show had just aired when I was on,” Kardashian recalled. “And he had you know, mentioned that he had seen it. And I literally had to text Pete [Davidson] and be like, ‘Wait. Was Will Ferrell on SNL?’ And I was so embarrassed. Like, I literally — I’ve been schooled — I know everyone that’s been on now. I know everything, so I’ve been schooled. But I really didn’t know.”

At that point the subject blessedly changed as Kardashian’s two boys were acting up in the front row of the audience. “Guys, can you stop?” she implored her children. “This is like your first time at work with me, can you please?!”

To be perfectly fair, we’re guessing that Kardashian’s children don’t know who Jimmy Fallon is either.

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