Kit Harington Talks Jon Snow And Game Of Thrones Season 6


kit harington game of thrones

Season five of Game of Thrones shocked us all when Kit Harington’s character, Jon Snow, met his maker. Since then, speculation has run rampant that somehow, someway, he may still appear in the upcoming sixth season. Set photos showing Harington in costume along with an ominous poster only added fuel to the fire and now, as we approach the show’s return, anticipation is at an all-time high to see whether or not Jon Snow will grace our television screens once more.

Of course, no one has confirmed anything just yet, but Harington dropped by BBC Breakfast recently and was asked straight up if Snow will be back on Game of Thrones this year. He didn’t spill much, but he did say the following:

“All I can tell you is that Jon Snow is dead. He died at the end of the last season.”

So, what are the odds that he’ll return then? Well, we’d say they’re still pretty good. Sure, he might be dead, but on a show like Game of Thrones, that doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t be seeing him again in some way, shape or form.

Given that the series has completely caught up to the novels at this point, we really can’t predict how Snow could possibly make a return, but you can bet that we’ll be tuning in on April 24th to find out.

Tell us, do you think we’ll see Jon Snow on Game of Thrones this year? Drop a comment below and let us know.

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