Krypton Won’t Crossover With The CW’s Arrowverse Shows


The latest DC TV show to arrive on the airwaves is Syfy’s Krypton, an ambitious Superman prequel series which explores life on the titular planet 200 years before the Man of Steel’s birth. Though that sounds like it will be wholly separate from usual DC continuity, the series uses time travel to bring in familiar characters – most notably, the most comic-book faithful version yet of Brainiac.

So, seeing as it’s unafraid to tackle the wider DC universe, could Krypton crossover with The CW’s Arrowverse at some point? Beginning with Arrow in 2012, the shared multiverse has sucked in other network’s shows such as CBS’ Supergirl and NBC’s Constantine over the years, so it’s perfectly possible. That being said, fans shouldn’t expect it, as showrunner Cameron Welsh has nixed the idea that Krypton is part of the Arrowverse.

The news came out during the series’ panel at WonderCon in Anaheim. Welsh teased that a version of Superman could appear on Krypton at some point, but he would likely not be played by Supergirl‘s Tyler Hoechlin. The chance to feature the character could happen soon, though, as Welsh promised “we’ll go to present-day Earth in this season, and see where Adam [Strange] came from – from Detroit.”

This fits in with how Krypton has been promoted as its own standalone vehicle, separate from other DC TV shows and also the DC Extended Universe. The plan seems to have changed since the early days of the series’ development, however, as the involvement of DCEU screenwriter David S. Goyer and a similar aesthetic to Man of Steel suggest otherwise.

Cameron Welsh was also on hand to suggest that other elements of DC’s cosmic mythology could be featured in addition to Supes’ homeworld. Namely, Hawkman’s planet of Thanagar, Adam Strange’s adopted home of Rann and even the Green Lantern Corps. Welsh stated that the Emerald Knights are “something that would be a natural fit for us.” He also hinted that lesser-known teams such as the Omega Men would likewise appear.

Be sure to catch Krypton on Wednesday nights on Syfy.