Krypton Fans Are Furious At Syfy For Cancelling The Show

Krypton Brainiac

After only two seasons and 20 episodes of the story before the cape, Syfy has decided to cancel Krypton. And right after Brainiac kidnapped baby Jor-El. Understandably, fans are furious, and are taking their frustrations out in 280 characters or less on Twitter.

As if the decision to scrap the popular series about Superman’s home planet wasn’t bad enough, now we can add Deadly Class, Nightflyers, Z Nation and The Expanse to the cutting floor. This could truly be the beginning of the end for the once amazing science fiction channel.

There is some hope on the extraterrestrial horizon, however. The Expanse was picked up recently by Amazon, so the two DC shows may follow. Or, DC Universe could become the new home of not only the past two seasons of Krypton, but future ones as well.

In any case, fans have taken to social media to vent about their show being axed, as expected, and it’s not pretty, which is also not a surprise. Superhero loving fanboys and girls will do just about anything to express their love or hate for anything DCEU or MCU related, so someone better get some Aloe for the Syfy channel.

But first, a message from Superman’s grandfather:

Damn. Tell us how you really feel, Jordan!

We can only hope that Krypton and its spinoff Lobo will find another home, and soon. The Main Man’s introduction on the show was met with some mixed reviews, judging from the comments on the YouTube video showcasing his appearance. But the spinoff definitely had some potential. Almost as much potential as Syfy’s own imminent cancellation, if they keep this crap up.

Tell us, though, is this latest move by Syfy the end of your viewing relationship with the channel? Let us know by dropping a comment down below.