Krypton’s Wallis Day Shares Awesome Crossover Photo With Supergirl And Arrow Stars


The CW has such a cohesive shared world in the Arrowverse – consisting of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow – that DC fans are often interested in folding other shows based on the comics into the franchise. For instance, there’s been talk about Gotham and Arrow crossing over, for one, while another that fans would like to have collide with the Arrowverse is Syfy’s Krypton

It has, however, been confirmed that the Superman prequel series is set in its own separate continuity, something that’s become clear over the first season, as its exploration of Kryptonian society contrasted with what’s been established in Supergirl’s own version of the Superman mythology. 

Just to give us a taste of what a Krypton/Arrowverse crossover would look like, though, a few actresses from the different shows have got together for a photo. Krypton‘s Wallis Day – who plays Nyssa-Vex – shared a pic of herself hanging out with Katie McGrath and Jessica De Gouw. The former’s known for portraying Lena Luthor over the past two seasons of Supergirl, while De Gouw played Huntress in the first couple of seasons of Arrow. Day specifically aimed her post at DC lovers, too captioning it: “comic book fans here ya go.”

Krypton‘s 10-episode first season went down very well with fans and critics alike, so it’s no surprise that a second season has been ordered for 2019. Along with the rest of the regular cast including Cameron Cuffe and Georgina Campbell, Day will return as Nyssa.

On Supergirl, meanwhile, Lena went down a dark path, unfortunately showing signs of following in the footsteps of her brother Lex and mother Lillian. And it looks like McGrath will get to grips with a bigger, more antagonistic, role in season 4 as well. As for De Gouw, there’s no news that she could return to Arrow anytime soon, but there’s loads more that could be done with Huntress as a character, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed.