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Latest ‘Rings of Power’ News: Fans love this nod to real-world, historically accurate boots. So why are politics a step too far?

Not all history is good history.

Numenor - The Rings of Power
The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power/Amazon Prime

Fans of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power are getting tired of the constant pushback against the Amazon Prime show. The unbridled hate got so bad in recent weeks that genuine fans of the show have taken to fresh subreddits and dedicated pages to avoid the incessant trolling. This has given them the opportunity to rain praise on the series without constant arguments, and it’s yielded some stellar takeaways.

Audiences are noting a number of easy-to-miss references to real, historical items, including pieces of art and items of clothing. The show is absolutely littered with nods to both the films that preceded it and the historical pieces that inspired many of its costumes, sets, and even character appearances. Nods to the real world are not always appreciated, however, if backlash against a speech from episode four is any indication. This isn’t enough to distract from the utterly breathtaking visuals boasted by the show, of course, but it’s prompting debates nonetheless.

The many historical inspirations behind Rings turn heads

Image via Prime Video

Rings of Power leans on the deep passion of longtime Lord of the Rings fans for many of its most captivating scenes, but that’s not the only inspiration behind its many intricate details. Fans have started to notice the many nods to actual historical items, from real, classic Roman boots to the many paintings that inspired characters like Galadriel and Miriel. These details just serve to showcase how rich and elaborate the world in Rings truly is and fans can’t get enough of the careful process that went into making Amazon Prime’s series.

Fans push back against claims that Rings is too modern

Image via Prime Video

One of Rings‘ recent episodes featured a pair of impassioned speeches in the city of Númenór, quickly garnering backlash from derisive viewers. One section of the speeches in particular garnered backlash as viewers linked the Númenórian’s impassioned words to actual, real-world politics. Thankfully, Rings fans were quick to correct criticisms of overtly “modern” themes, pointing out that xenophobia is far from a modern problem, despite its continued presence in our world.

The stunning vistas of Middle-earth continue to inspire awe

The Trees of Valinor Laurelin and Telperion as they appear in The Rings of Power
Screenshot via European Lore/YouTube

Of all the things Rings has garnered praise for, its visuals are a clear standout. Fans and critics alike have been praising the series for its breathtaking vistas and gorgeous details since the first episode aired, and as the show passes its halfway point, the visuals are only getting more captivating. The latest episode boasted some of the most spectacular visuals yet, and fans are still gushing about its ability to make an hour-long episode feel like an “incredible” cinematic experience.

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