Latest ‘Yellowstone’ News: Cole Hauser sheds light on the future for Beth and Rip as fans share their hopes for the Dutton future

Beth and Rip: Beginning to Happily Ever After
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Howdy Yellowstone fans, we hope you’re all enjoying time with friends and loved ones as many celebrate a long holiday weekend. The Yellowstone community knows a thing or two about giving thanks, as with each episode, our favorite characters survive, and we realize how lucky we are.

The Dutton family deals with volatile situations on a good day and life-altering ones the rest of the time; they rarely know peace and joy, and we’re still not used to it after four seasons. One thing fans rely on in the series is the relationship between Rip and Beth and how they bring the best out in one another, providing a place for each other to feel a safety they’ve never found anywhere else.

Cole Hauser recently spoke about the future of our favorite powerhouse couple, and fans are also talking about the future. In addition to the online chatter, we hope you’re still tuning into Paramount for the continued “Every Episode Feast” to keep up with everything you might have missed along the way. You know the drill from here, grab your Yellowstone-loving bestie and your drink of choice, and let’s ride in.

Cole Hauser talks the future of Beth and Rip

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A fan-favorite piece of the Dutton story is the relationship between Beth and Rip, patriarch John Dutton’s daughter and his right-hand man. Their lives are connected by a force seemingly stronger than fate despite Beth’s attempts to keep him at arm’s length. The two were married at the end of season four, and while that’s certainly changed things for the pair, it’s causing Beth to get deep with her emotions and memories as they grow closer together.

Speaking to Taste of Country, Hauser says that being married is a change of pace for Rip and Beth but that it stirs up some emotions in his new wife that she might not have anticipated.

“Obviously, us being married brings up a lot of emotions for her, I think, in the beginning of season five, and what you get from Rip is the same thing that he’s always been, which is a rock for her.”

Hauser was also asked if fans should expect to learn more about Wheeler’s complicated and painful past, but we shouldn’t get out hopes up just yet. As both Hauser and Kelly Reilly have said, this season will focus on what Beth Dutton is experiencing and going through and how Rip steps up to help her.

“I would say it’s the opposite. More of who Beth really is, and what she’s gone through to get to the place that she is.”

Beth has gone through a lot to get where she is today, and she wouldn’t have been able to tough through it without her beau by her side. She’s strong all on her own, that’s not a thought anyone would dare argue, but the beauty of their relationship is that Rip gives her a place to be vulnerable and honest and to take off the “bigger bear” attitude.

Fans are sharing their hopes for this week’s new episode

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With a new episode premiering on Sunday night, fans are talking about their hopes for the future as the title and the synopsis have been revealed online. “Horses in Heaven” is the episode’s title, and it will see John Dutton changing as he continues adjusting to his new title: Governor of Montana. Lynelle Perry is never far away, and we’ve been promised that he’ll receive some tips from her as often as she can lend them; plus, fans know these two share an interesting dynamic.

The exciting part comes at the end of the synopsis: “The venom between Jamie and Beth reaches a boiling point.” Beth is currently in jail thanks to that bar brawl, so when she calls on Jamie to make the other woman reconsider pressing charges, she’s probably expecting him to slide into motion quickly. Thanks to Wes Bentley’s pre-season interviews, we know that Jamie hates Beth now, and it’s a new emotion for him, so we’re unsure of what that means for her barking orders at him.

The chatter from fans ranges from hoping that something changes with Beth and Jamie because they’re a little bored of it to looking ahead to what’s on the horizon for Monica and Kayce.

We’re not sure they will ever find peace with one another again, but fans can hope.

Mo told Monica and Kayce that the funeral should fall on the fourth day after their son’s passing, which means we might see some of that in the upcoming episode. However, Chief Rainwater told them that grief is private, so we’re not exactly sure how much we’ll see.

Fans are also zeroing in on the statement from Mo about the horse that the son will need to ride into the great beyond with and how that will transpire.

We know it’ll be exciting no matter what happens in episode four. The Duttons are many things, but boring is never one of them. Suppose you’re missing our favorite cowboy family. In that case, you can tune into Paramount this weekend to continue soaking up the Yellowstone marathon while you wait for the new glimpse into their journey on Sunday night.