Latest ‘Yellowstone’ News: Rip Wheeler is honored while we reflect upon the firey season 5 trailer scene

Image via Paramount

Hey, all you Beth Duttons out there; we’re officially more than halfway through the work week, and we’re dreaming of days of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch under the warm sunshine with a nice fire to end the day. Yellowstone fans know better than most that there are few things in this world more comforting than taking a deep breath at the end of a long day and enjoying the warmth of a great fire. So what would make that even sweeter? Well, the company you keep, of course; and Yellowstone recently sent a shout-out to its most handsome ranch hand, Rip Wheeler, and sent the message that we’ve known since day one: no one looks better in a cowboy hat than our favorite roper and rider! We’re also leaning into another scene from the epic season five trailer. So sit back, take a load off of those worn cowboy boots, and let’s ride in!

Yellowstone honors its most beloved ranch hand

If you’re a long-time fan of Yellowstone, you know that there’s a ranch hand that stands out above the rest. He’s not just John Dutton’s right-hand man; he’s the love of Beth Dutton’s life and the number one ranch hand at the Yellowstone. We’re talking about Rip Wheeler, and the brains behind the series knew exactly what they were doing when crafting the character. 

Yesterday night, Yellowstone gave a shout-out to Rip Wheeler and noted that no one looks better in a cowboy hat than he does. The replies on social media were very on-brand (some pun intended) for fans of the series. While John and Kayce Dutton steal our hearts every time we see them on the screen, there’s something about the power and confidence that Rip wears the cowboy hat with that we can’t deny.

No one wears a cowboy hat in quite the way that Rip does, and it’s just one of the reasons we love him so much. 

Season five trailer dissection: that firey moment 

We’ve mentioned it a few times, but we were struck by the moment in the trailer where some of our favorite ranch hands were tossing bags into an incinerator. That’s right; the Yellowstone has embraced a firey type of final ride for Dutton enemies in the upcoming season. Everyone knows that those who dare stand up against the family are up against the fight of their lives, but these episodes will prove that even their journey to the afterlife will be anything but peaceful if they cross the family or the ranch.

You can watch the epic trailer above, and that moment where what we assume are bodies will be tossed into the fire proves that the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been this time around.

The train station has always been the dumping ground for the Duttons, but will John’s new job mean they have to get more creative this season? We’ll just have to wait and see.

A moment in time: Rip and Beth’s exciting date 

As we wait for the exciting fifth season, we’re looking back at our favorite moments from the series. We can’t talk about season 1 without mentioning the epic “first” date between Rip and Beth. Their love story began long before it unfolded in front of our eyes, but this was the first date that the series’ fans were privy to. Did Beth want to go to a concert or a festival with Rip? Did she want him to wine and dine her in some fancy restaurant in the city? No, Beth wanted to have a drink and chase wolves. You read that right; there’s not a “normal” date night where these two are concerned, and that makes sense — they are in a constant fight for survival; they don’t want to sit down for a romantic meal; they need more of an adrenaline rush than that. 

If you don’t quite remember their first date, let us fill you back in. The video above shows exactly what happened when Rip told Beth that he wanted to take her out.

May we all channel either our inner Rip or Beth next time we ask our significant others out for date night or even when we go on our next first date. What better way to get to know someone than in a life-or-death moment, right? You can catch up on the first four seasons of Yellowstone now streaming Peacock, and don’t forget to cancel your plans as the fifth season kicks off on Nov. 13.