Leaked Titans Footage Reveals First Look At Iain Glen’s Bruce Wayne


When it came to Batman’s inclusion in Titans‘ inaugural season, I’d have to say that was sort of a mixed bag. Until we saw an unchained Dark Knight in the unforgettable season finale (albeit in a dream world created by Trigon), Gotham’s protector had been reduced to a name-drop for the most part. Well, we did see Bruce Wayne’s silhouette at certain points, but that was hardly rewarding.

Fortunately, all that will soon change because Iain Glen was recently cast as Bruce Wayne himself. Though it remains uncertain if he’ll actually suit up as Batman, granting Dick Grayson and Jason Todd the chance to speak with their mentor onscreen will undoubtedly make for smoother storytelling possibilities. To be honest, I think the producers are free to take more creative liberties now that Fox’s Gotham is about to be a thing of the past, therefore Bruce is fair game.

In the latest bit of footage to leak from the set of season 2 (don’t forget, we’ve already seen Hawk and Dove), Glen’s billionaire playboy can be seen strolling the halls of Wayne Manor with Brenton Thwaites’ Dick Grayson. Coming to us by way of Titans Brasil on Twitter, this makes the wait for new episodes all the more painful.

From the look of it, Glen hasn’t gone brunette, so he’s joined Val Kilmer in the very exclusive club occupied by blonde Caped Crusaders. It’s actually not that big of a deal with me, but there exist folks who riot in the streets if Batman or James Bond have golden locks.

Though I was admittedly surprised at first by his being cast, I’m warming up to the idea of a seasoned actor like Iain Glen playing Bruce. Perhaps he’ll give this iteration of the character the experienced quality needed by someone who’s already taken two Robins under his wing. Where the story goes from here remains anybody’s guess, but all will be revealed once Titans returns for its second season, most likely in early 2020.