Legends Of Tomorrow EP Teases Constantine-White Canary Dynamic, As Does New Promo


In a matter of hours, DC fans everywhere have two reasons to rejoice: Not only is Legends of Tomorrow returning to finish out the rest of its third season – which I personally believe to be its best so far – but we also have the long awaited return of one John Constantine to the Arrowverse to anticipate. Played to perfection by Matt Ryan, it’s no wonder that he’s been given the opportunity to reprise that role in live action and animation long after the unfortunate cancellation of his wonderful solo series.

So, aside from getting to see the charismatic demonologist assist the Waverider crew in a case that requires someone with supernatural expertise, many viewers are wondering just how he’ll interact with that lot. After all, this is an ensemble show in every sense, so Constantine is bound to make a few waves, pun intended.

Already, we knew that the creative minds behind the series will tackle the issue of Constantine’s bisexuality head on as he’s been confirmed to hit on Citizen Cold, but let’s not forget that another bisexual hero resides on board that ship, that being its captain, Sara Lance AKA the White Canary.

In a recent discussion with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Marc Guggenheim decided to talk about how those two will get along. First, he dished on the task at hand:

“Basically, Constantine is on his own mission, and he comes across this girl who has been possessed by a demon, and the demon knows Sara Lance’s name. So he comes to the Legends to basically talk to Sara and to find out what is Sara’s connection to this girl, and you’ll have to watch the episode to find out what the connection is.”

When it comes to the actual dynamic they’ll share, Guggenheim had this to add:

“Oh, it’s really good. I mean, bear in mind they kind of know each other, I mean they had the small little interaction of, you know, Constantine bringing Sara back to life. So they have a connection. I will say that we’ve got a very randy, bisexual Constantine, and we have a very randy, bisexual Sara, and who knows what could happen if we get the two of them in teams together?”

And while his repeated use of the word “randy” forces us to wonder if he just watched an Austin Powers film that was edited for television, we now have all the more reason to tune in for Legends of Tomorrow‘s midseason premiere later tonight on The CW.