Legends Of Tomorrow Featurette Says Farewell To A Legend


We were all expecting lots of action, fun and all-round comic book crossover goodness from this week’s four-part Arrowverse event “Crisis on Earth-X.” What we didn’t expect, though, was to end up an emotional wreck by the end of it. The crossover’s concluding installment, that came during Legends of Tomorrow, saw Dr. Martin Stein die sacrificing himself to save his friends.

In this new featurette that you’ll see up above, courtesy of The CW, Victor Garber reflects on his time as part of the DC universe and reveals his favourite parts of playing the superhero scientist.

“I’ve loved the whole experience of being in this genre, this world,” says Garber in the video, explaining that he wasn’t very familiar with DC before he played Stein. “[It’s] is something that I didn’t really know about, that I didn’t really understand.”

As well as mentioning how he loves meeting the fans, Garber also took some time to praise the co-star he worked most closely with on Legends: Franz Drameh, who plays Stein’s Firestorm partner Jefferson Jackson.

“Franz is a brilliant actor…” the former Titanic star says. “We’re brothers, and father and son, and I love that. I love working with him.”

Though it had been previously announced that Victor Garber was leaving the Arrowverse, Legends had led us to believe that the character would get a quiet retirement and return to Central City to be with his family. Instead, his hugely tragic fate came as a  surprise and thanks to the performances of Garber and Drameh, it also proved to be one of the franchise’s most tear-jerking moments.

Exactly what this means for Jax’s character going forward, we don’t know, as he surely can’t access the Firestorm matrix without Stein. During the crossover though, there was a humorous moment where Stein creates him a formula that would make him Spider-Man – but without the webs, the strength or the spider-sense.

It’s possible that Jax could become a non-powered vigilante instead, or maybe Cisco will just whip him up a device that allows him to be Firestorm on his own? After all, anything can happen in the Arrowverse! Time will tell, but be sure to tune in when Legends of Tomorrow reaches its midseason finale next Tuesday on The CW.