Legends Of Tomorrow Will Be Doing A Lucha Libre Episode


It may have certainly taken its sweet time, but I think some of you reading this will agree with me in saying that Legends of Tomorrow really found its footing with its third season. Really, it was last year that everything just clicked for the cast and crew, as the right balance was achieved between adventure and comedy – at least for this particular series. Please don’t have Beebo show up on Arrow, Greg Berlanti.

So, as we head into the fourth year of watching the Waverider crew kick ass and take names throughout all of history, it very much looks like the momentum established last season will carry over because we’ll be treated to an episode focused on pro wrestling before long. And to be more specific, the lucha libre style will be central to whatever’s going down.

You see, executive producer Keto Shimizu recently Tweeted out the cover page to the screenplay for “Lucha De Apuestas,” which’ll be the ninth episode to air this season. Based on that, it’s probably safe to say it’ll debut sometime in early December, but in the meantime, you can check out the photo below.

Now, it may be a while before we receive any further info regarding this particular installment, but I can’t help thinking one Mick Rory is really going to shine. Already, I’m picturing Heat Wave going toe-to-toe with someone like Pentagon Jr., though I doubt any of the Legends will be on the receiving end of a Mexican Destroyer.

All jests aside, it should be quite thrilling to see which places the gang will go next. Don’t forget, they’re sitting out this year’s crossover, so they won’t have to worry about hitting pause on their own storylines in order to accommodate for “Elseworlds.”

Legends of Tomorrow returns for its fourth season on Monday, October 22 on The CW.