Legends Of Tomorrow Star Originally Auditioned For Arrow’s Black Canary


Jes Macallan debuted on Legends of Tomorrows third season as Ava Sharpe, the Time Bureau agent who discovers her clone origins and developed a romance with Waverider captain Sara Lance. She could have been in the Arrowverse a year earlier, though, if she’d landed her original choice of part in The CW’s DC TV universe – Dinah Drake, the second Black Canary, who was eventually played by Juliana Harkavy.

Macallan recently revealed that she auditioned for the role of Dinah, a cop with the power of sonic screams who joined Team Arrow in season 5. Though she put a lot of effort into getting the part, she ultimately lost out. Still, Macallan doesn’t hold any grudges against Harkavy, who she seems to get on well with. Her role on Legends has also given her a friendship with Captain Cold himself, Wentworth Miller.

“I tested for that role and auditioned like crazy and wanted that role desperately, because it’s super physical and she’s kind of super and badass, she has all the fighting skill. I think that she is a beautiful human being, inside and out. I also love Wentworth Miller. I just think he’s lovely, and he’s such a nice guy. I think he’s gone for good though…. He’s such a lovely human and has such a wonderful fan base.”

Though the actress doesn’t say as much here, we imagine that her hard work in her auditions for Dinah paid off and the Arrowverse EPs were impressed enough to invite her back to play Ava on Legends the following year. Likewise, her first run as the character was deemed successful, as she’s now been promoted to a regular for season 4. The same goes for Courtney Ford, who turned up as Nora Darhk last season and will be a regular next time.

As for Macallan, she’ll return with the rest of the cast when Legends of Tomorrow airs its season 4 premiere, titled “The Virgin Gary,” on October 22nd.