Legends Of Tomorrow’s Caity Lotz Wants To Be In Green Arrow And The Canaries

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4

Back in January, Arrow wrapped up for good after eight seasons, with Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen meeting a heroic end. However, the saga of the Emerald Archer doesn’t stop there. The show’s penultimate episode was “Green Arrow & the Canaries,” a backdoor pilot for a spinoff of the same name focusing on Kat McNamara’s Mia as she takes on her father’s mantle in a futuristic Star City.

To date, the series has yet to officially be given the greenlight, so fans are anxiously awaiting some news on that front. Legends of Tomorrow star and Arrow veteran, Caity Lotz, remains positive about Green Arrow‘s chances, though, and hopes that she’ll be able to cross over to the spinoff so that White Canary can team up with the Black Canaries.

Speaking at a press event earlier this year, Lotz was asked whether she’d be interested in a cameo at least and responded:

“For sure. I’ve already told them. I was like ‘I want to pop over. I want to come over and hang out.’ So, I hope the show gets picked up. Also, I just want Katie and Juliana and Kat back up in Vancouver with me. The action on that show, I thought, was great. I thought it was really cool what they did with it. Hopefully, the series will get picked up.”

When questioned if Sara Lance would suit back up in her classic Canary garb for the crossover, Lotz said it’s not out of the question, even jokingly suggesting she might take on a different color for the occasion.

“You know, I’m ready to switch up the white outfit,” Lotz revealed. “So actually talk to Phil about it. Be like the ‘Dark Blue Canary.’ I don’t know. Yeah, I don’t know. It seems like there’s enough Black Canaries already. But that black outfit was great. Pretty cool.”

While the fate of GAatC is still undecided, another new Arrowverse show is definitely making it to series. Superman & Lois has had its pilot held up over the current pandemic, but The CW is expected to simply push forward with full production once normal service is resumed. It remains to be seen whether Mia Queen and her allies will be as lucky.

Do you want to see Green Arrow and the Canaries get the greenlight, though? Sound off in the comments below and let us know.