Legends Of Tomorrow’s Caity Lotz Teases Original Canary Costume’s Return


Suffice it to say, anyone who’s been on board with the Arrowverse for quite some time is well aware of the impressive lineage of Canaries thus far seen. That said, we’re guessing none of you have forgotten with whom it all started, that being Sara Lance, who first debuted all the way back in Arrow‘s second season and now calls Legends of Tomorrow home.

To briefly recap, we first met Caity Lotz’s iteration of the character when she showed up in Star City (then known as Starling City) kicking all kinds of ass under the guise of “Canary.” That’s right, she was never actually referred to as “Black Canary,” a moniker later adopted by her sister, Laurel, and eventually by Dinah Drake. Still, her original costume was very, very much influenced by classic Black Canary looks to be found in the comics, with many fans saying to this day that this remains their favorite live action Canary of any sort.

Of course, she was killed off a year later at the top of Arrow season 3 before being resurrected shortly after with the help of one John Constantine. And, in the time since, she’s made her way over to Legends of Tomorrow where she now serves as captain of the Waverider as “White Canary.”

Well, if a recent Tweet sent out by Lotz herself is any indication, we’ll soon be seeing a return made by her original threads. Captioned with “remember her?,” the mysterious image blatantly shows the actress decked out in her old attire. Furthermore, it’s hinted that it’ll be on display sometime during tonight’s episode.

Now, if we were to wager an educated guess, this likely has something to do with her being consumed by the Death Totem. In fact, there could be some kind of dream-like sequence in which Sara encounters past versions of herself, or perhaps experiences some sort of flashback. Either way, you have to love the nostalgia.

Legends of Tomorrow airs on Monday nights on The CW.