Legends Of Tomorrow’s Premiere Was Monday Night’s Least-Watched Show


For the past few years, I’ve been pointing out how superhero shows have been seeing a decline in ratings, yet nobody in power is taking the trend seriously. Instead, networks seem to think piling on even more of these is the solution to countering genre fatigue.

A recent example came in the form of both The Flash and Black Lightning posting low ratings for their season premieres a couple weeks back, with the former hitting a series low with its next effort. As if to say “hold my beer,” Legends of Tomorrow brought up the rear by reaching its own series low last night.

You see, the time traveling DC show drew in less viewers than anything else on Monday evening (1.1 million), with 0.4/1 rating in the 18-49 demographic.  Arrow, meanwhile, didn’t do much better, posting a 0.4/2 demo rating, thus laying claim to 1.2 million viewers.

In all fairness, Legends now happens to be nestled into a new night and time, so there is room for improvement. Then again, it’s hard not recalling how about a million people would check out following The Flash when those two were partnered together on Tuesday nights for a chunk of the previous season.

Right now, I think it’s too early to talk cancellation because The CW has different standards than other major networks. In fact, Dynasty‘s ratings last year were downright abysmal, yet it was granted a second season.

That said, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if one or two DC shows were to be placed on the chopping block before the 2019-20 fall upfronts are revealed next May in order to make room for Batwoman – and to save a few bucks. Don’t forget, these shows don’t come cheaply, especially Legends of Tomorrow. And as much as I love Black Lightning, the reality of the situation is that it’ll soon need to draw many more viewers, lest it encounter an early demise.

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