Lewis Tan Added To Iron Fist Cast As The Villainous Zhou Cheng


Just like Diamondback was kept under wraps before the release of Luke Cage‘s first season, we still have no idea who will be the real big bad of Iron Fist when it hits Netflix next year. Footage shown at the New York Comic Con confirmed that Danny Rand is destined to take on The Hand, but that’s something which is likely being saved for The Defenders.

Madame Gao made a blink and you’ll miss it appearance in the Iron Fist trailer and the Meachums definitely seem to have an issue with Danny’s return to New York City, but the true villain has not yet been unveiled. Steel Serpent is surely the most likely possibility, but while we’ll have to wait and see on that, one comic book bad guy has now been confirmed. Taking to his Twitter account this weekend, relative unknown Lewis Tan confirmed that he will play Zhou Cheng in Iron Fist.

In the source material, he’s a servant of Ch’i-Lin who is tasked with killing every iteration of the Iron Fist, so chances are that he’ll play a key role in the series as one of the titular hero’s most fearsome opponents. Cheng is far from big bad material though, so he probably won’t be much more than a henchman for whoever’s really pulling the strings in the show.

Either way, below you can see a video of actor Lewis Tan in action, and if nothing else, this confirms that Danny will have his hands full in Iron Fist.