Lex Luthor Said To Be The Main Villain In Titans Season 3


Right now, it feels kind of funny talking about Titans‘ big bads because we’ve yet to see Trigon’s arc be resolved. Had season 1 consisted of twelve episodes as originally intended, then his defeat would probably already be in our rear-view mirror. Instead, it was shortened to eleven installments, with the demon coming out on top for the time being.

Of course, Raven will put an end to his machinations before long so that the series can make way for Deathstroke in season 2. But should the show prove successful enough, a major player from DC Comics is being eyed as season 3’s main threat.

Believe it or not, our source says Lex Luthor is next on tap. Even though Jon Cryer is playing a different iteration on Supergirl, it’s important to stress how Titans exists in a different universe. You may think that Cryer’s Luthor being dead already opens the door, but let’s not forget how the Monitor is currently in possession of his corpse, so a “Crisis on Infinite Earths” return could be in the cards. Still, a third season of Titans logically won’t arrive until at least 2021, thus affording more breathing room.

As for how Lex will be introduced, our source also tells us that “he’s said to have created Superboy and is doing shady stuff with Cadmus.” This, of course, aligns with Conner Kent’s comic book origins, so to see it adapted for the small screen wouldn’t be shocking in the slightest. To succinctly bring those unfamiliar up to speed, the Boy of Steel is a clone created from the genetics of both Lex Luthor and Superman.

Now, this is just speculation on my part, but I wouldn’t doubt if Lex is name-dropped throughout season 2 similar to how Batman was during Titans‘ freshman year. And considering how we’ll soon meet Iain Glen’s Bruce Wayne, Luthor could adhere to a similar timetable for his own introduction – and on no matter which streaming service the saga may continue.