Lexi Alexander To Direct An Episode Of Arrow Next Season


Fans have been eager for Lexi Alexander to helm another comic book film ever since her work on 2008’s Punisher: War Zone. While the movie wasn’t a huge success, it’s picked up quite a cult following over the years and delivered a fun, action-packed take on the Frank Castle character, who’s long been plagued by poor cinematic adaptations.

As such, Alexander has landed on several fan wishlists for films like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, and while she didn’t land the first gig, and doesn’t appear to be in the running for the latter, she has announced that she’ll be working on another superhero project this summer: An episode of Arrow on the CW.

In a recent Q&A on Twitter, Alexander was asked if she’d been approached by Marvel for any of its Netflix programming (which, we just learned, may soon feature the Punisher).

Her response:

That’s right, the woman who blew up a parkour-loving henchman with a rocket launcher will soon be making a trip to Star City, where she should feel right at home directing the action-heavy exploits of the Emerald Archer. After a disappointing third season, Arrow could use an adrenaline shot, and Alexander might just be the perfect person to supply it.

Arrow will return to The CW this fall.