We Likely Won’t See Zod Or Lex Luthor In Supergirl Season 3


So far, Supergirl has done a fine job when it comes to adapting a wide array of villains from comics to screen, sometimes feeling like a live action answer to Superman: The Animated Series. And while some baddies to exist within this universe are seemingly being introduced for the first time (Bizarro, Parasite, Metallo and Mr. Mxyzptlk immediately come to mind), there are some major players who have obviously been left to Kara’s Boy Scout of a cousin.

One such example is that of Zod, whom we saw appear in the season 2 finale as a hallucination of Clark’s. As it turns out, this was more so a nod to all this version of the Man of Steel has gone through, and it sounds like we shouldn’t expect Mark Gibbon to reprise the role anytime soon.

Here’s what Andrew Kreisberg had to say on that front, according to TV Guide Magazine’s Comic-Con Special:

“It was more of a fun cameo – we have no plans to bring him on. We see our version of Superman as one who has already gone through everything that exists in the mythology. He’s already fought Zod, Brainiac, Doomsday. Also, what is the new thing we could bring to it? Between [big-screen Zods] Terence Stamp and Michael Shannon, I’m not sure what meat is left on that bone.”

Fair enough, but what of Superman’s greatest nemesis, Lex Luthor? He’s been name-dropped repeatedly on this series and has even appeared as a child in a flashback. Honestly, I’m expecting him to show up before this show calls it quits, but Kreisberg seems content focusing on Katie McGrath’s Lena Luthor for the time being, which is kind of understandable since she’s been promoted to being a series regular.

“I’m not sitting around wishing we could have another Luthor on the show. We have the best one. We have great things in store for her.”

I guess we’ll start finding out what those “great things” may be when Supergirl returns for its third season on Monday, October 9 on The CW.