Lily James cannot shake ‘Pam & Tommy’ accent

Image via Hulu

Foreign actors play Americans, so often viewers don’t find it jarring when people like Benedict Cumberbatch speak in their regular voices, but this can still rattle with actress Lily James struggling to stop sounding like Pamela Anderson.

The Pam & Tommy star revealed her difficulty in getting back her accent while speaking to The Hollywood Reporter yesterday at the finale of the Hulu miniseries where she played the American model and Baywatch star. She expressed her frustration in still speaking in an American accent while talking about her experience on the show chronicling Anderson and former husband Tommy Lee’s stolen and distributed sex tape. She then expressed dismay at the moment being filmed before having to pause and remind herself of where she ultimately got her start in life.

“I keep talking in an American accent. What is happening to me? Ugh … I’m English Lily, I’m English.”

Fan reaction to the clip was primarily positive. Several called her a queen, others posted emojis which indicated the moment made them laugh, and another used a clip from The Office of Steve Carell’s Michael Scott being happy at the latest Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch goings-on and hijinks to capture their joy.

James will have an opportunity to return to her form in the upcoming romantic comedy What’s Love Got to Do With It? later this year. The piece is set to look at love and marriage and is said to be set between London and South Asia.