Chris Hemsworth To Push The Boundaries Of Human Potential In New NatGeo Series


“You’re probably asking yourself why I’m dangling on a rope a thousand feet off the ground,” Chris Hemsworth bellows in the official trailer for his upcoming series, Limitless with Chris Hemsworth. “I’m asking the same question. But Disney wanted to make a show about longevity, turns out this has something to do with it.”

If you’re confused, you’re probably not the only one. In the National Geographic series, Hemsworth admits that he doesn’t feel as invincible as his generally Thor-like appearance might otherwise suggest. As such, he undertakes a long, arduous journey of both body and mind, seemingly to achieve “Chris Hemsworth 2.0.”

Limitless with Chris Hemsworth

As the title would suggest, the series will see Hemsworth pushing himself to his absolute limits to become stronger, more powerful, and resilient and “push the boundaries of human potential” even as his body marches to its inevitable fate. “You can go toe to toe with father time, and he’s not even going to bother you,” says one of his coaches in the clip. Well, maybe, unless he gets himself killed performing one of these crazy stunts, anyway.

Limitless with Chris Hemsworth, announced on Friday in conjunction with Disney Plus Day, will be coming to the streaming platform in 2022.