The Lincoln Lawyer Being Turned Into A Television Series For ABC

ABC has ordered a pilot script for a proposed drama series based on the hit Matthew McConaughey film The Lincoln Lawyer. The network is interested in pursuing a series, as the thriller grossed over $85 million worldwide when it was released into theaters in March. It also received a surprising 83% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Collider is reporting that due to The Lincoln Lawyer‘s unexpected success, Lionsgate has partnered with ABC. They have hired the film’s screenwriter, John Romano, and the author of the novel, Michael Connelly, to pen the series’ pilot. Connelly has written five novels about the main character, defense attorney Mickey Haller, who was portrayed by McConaughey in the movie.

McConaughey isn’t expected to reprise his role in the television series, for which only one script has been ordered. But the actor who fills in for him will likely have the same charismatic charm that McConaughey brought to the character.

If the series is picked up, the show will likely follow the same format as other procedurals, where one case is featured in each episode, and is solved at the end. The series may also feature Haller’s half-brother, detective Harry Bosch, who appears in some of the follow-up books to The Lincoln Lawyer.

Tell us, what do you think of turning The Lincoln Lawyer into a weekly television drama series? Will the show have the same appeal if McConaughey isn’t featured in the title role again?