Locke And Key Secures Jesse McCartney

With the growing popularity of the supernatural, both on film and on TV, it’s no surprise that some new horror and supernatural TV pilots are slated for the new season. Horror comic Locke and Key is getting made into a new Fox series, and I have my fingers crossed that this eerie and artful graphic novel will translate well to the small screen. Word has it creators have rounded out their cast, “locking” in actor/singer Jesse McCartney as male lead Ty.

Everyone can no doubt name a genre TV series nowadays; Fringe, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Walking Dead, Supernatural, and I can go on. It seems America can’t get enough, and some new TV series reflect the changing tastes. A pilot for a new series based on the fantastic horror comic Locke and Key is in the works for Fox, and with the latest acquisition of McCartney the casting is complete. Joe Hill’s story and Gabriel Rodriguez’ art makes for a great graphic novel, with plenty of suspense, horror and gore.

After the tragic and brutal murder of her husband, Nina Locke (Lord of the Ring’s Mirando Otto) moves her three children to an eerie old mansion in Lovecraft, Massachusetts. Ty, the eldest son, takes his father’s death the hardest, blaming himself. Deadline has it that this character’s “retreating into music” provides a great vehicle to showcase McCartney’s musical talents. Younger sister Kinsey will be played by Sarah Bolger (The Spiderwick Chronicles), and little brother Bode by Sklyar Gaertner. The mansion holds plenty of secrets, including magic locked doors which have different powers. Depending which one you unlock and go through, anything from a gender change to an out-of-body experience may await. It also is haunted by a crafty spirit, and the family is being hunted down by a psychopathic killer.

With an already impressive group of talent behind it, this new series looks to be a winner. Mark Romanek, the director of Never Let Me Go and One Hour Photo, is in negotiations to direct the pilot. Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman will produce. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles writer Josh Friedman penned the pilot.

Possibly set for a summer run on Fox, I don’t see how this series can go wrong. I’ll keep you in the know about final air dates.