Lois Lane Mentioned In First Clip From Next Week’s Supergirl


Last week’s episode of Supergirl concluded with the mind-blowing reveal that Hank Henshaw is really Martian Manhunter, a character fans having been hoping would show up again somewhere for a very long time now (he was last seen in Smallville). Does this now mean that he won’t show up in Zack Snyder’s Justice League? Time will tell.

Regardless, the clip above puts the focus not on Martian Manhunter, but on Cat Grant. She’s dealing with some serious legal issues here, but in the process, we get to hear a mention of Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane.

Here’s the synopsis for the episode – titled “Hostile Takeover” – courtesy of the network:

Kara goes toe-to-toe with Astra when her aunt challenges Kara’s beliefs about her mother. Also, Cat is threatened with being removed as the CEO of CatCo after a hacker exposes her private and damaging emails, on SUPERGIRL, Monday, December 14th on CBS.

Supergirl has so far been a little heavy handed in terms of references to the world of Superman, but this minor nod to Lois definitely works, and we’re excited to see where the next episode of CBS’ series goes.

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