Loki Actress Explains Why Sylvie Is Always Swearing

Lady Loki

Though she’s a variant of the God of Mischief, Sylvie differs from Tom Hiddleston’s Loki in a lot of ways. As we saw in episode 3 of Marvel’s smash-hit series, she’s less prone to misbehave, she has a big chip on her shoulder, and she also curses way more. As the trickster tries her patience, Sylvie often utters an expletive, albeit ones soft enough for Disney Plus. According to Loki actress Sophia Di Martino, this was something she brought to the character herself.

ScreenRant asked the British star about this trait of Sylvie’s in a new interview, with Di Martino admitting that she’s naturally someone who swears a lot and so, when she was in the zone playing an angry Sylvie, she couldn’t stop the curses from slipping out. In fact, the actress joked that there was way more swearing originally, but director Kate Herron had to remove much of it.

“I think I just swear a lot. You know what, I think as Sylvie I probably swear a lot because she’s so angry, right?” Di Martino said“And words like that sometimes express anger quite well. I imagine if you ask the editors, there was a lot more swearing and they had to cut a lot of it out. Kate was often telling me to stop swearing.”

Episode 3, “Lamentis,” switched up the formula and was pretty much a two-hander between the two Lokis – not that Sylvie likes to be called that. In contrast to Loki’s dynamic with Mobius, who gets exasperated with him but also ultimately believes Thor’s adoptive brother can be good, Sylvie doesn’t have any time for Loki’s antics for much of the episode. That said, they do seem to have built up a rapport by the ep’s cliffhanger ending: the pair was last seen trapped on Lamentis-1 as it’s about to be destroyed.

Obviously, though, we all know they’ll escape their fate, probably thanks to the help of Mobius. Where Loki and his female self go from here, though, is the bigger mystery. Loki’s developed a partnership with Owen Wilson’s TVA agent, but will he go rogue again and team up with Sylvie instead? Or will Sylvie be talked around into forming some kind of alliance with the TVA, too? Whatever happens, it’s a good bet that Sylvie’s going to keep up her foul-mouthed ways.

Loki continues next Wednesday on Disney Plus.