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Loki’s Sophia Di Martino Is The Most Popular Star In The World Right Now

With the shows popularity its cast are quickly rising to the top.

Lady Loki

The new Disney+ series Loki has been a massive hit with fans and critics alike and with its success has seemingly propelled some of its cast to the heigh of popularity online.

According to IMDb’s list of most popular celebrities determined by their users, Loki star Tom Hiddleston has moved to number four on the list following this week’s episode, but it is his co-star Sophia Di Martino who plays Sylvie on the show that has secured herself the number one spot.

For Di Martino, this would be her first time stemming into the Marvel universe and her portrayal of Sylvie, a variant of Loki on the show, has been met with overwhelming praise. Separating the two co-stars are also Disney+ alumni, Jacob Tremblay and Jack Dylan Grazer who both voiced main characters in Disney’s latest animated film Luca.

Things have begun to heat up on Loki as this week’s episode left the show on a cliffhanger with only two episodes left to wrap things up. It isn’t clear if Marvel has plans for Sylvie to make a return in Loki’s second season or potentially in a Marvel film, but we’ll likely know more when the show wraps up on July 14.

While there hasn’t been an official announcement of a second Loki season from Disney, a production weekly listing from earlier this year hinted that the show may be targeting a film date of January 2022.

Those who haven’t yet checked out season one of Loki can catch up with the four episodes that have currently aired on Disney+.

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