Loki Director Reveals That We Almost Met Mobius’ Family

Loki mobius

Owen Wilson’s Mobius M. Mobius was an immediate hit with Marvel fans from the very first episode of Loki, as viewers loved Wilson’s, well, very Owen Wilson-like TVA agent who believed that the God of Mischief could change and who dreamed of riding a jet ski. In episode 5, Mobius learned the shocking truth that he was a variant himself, though the exact circumstances of his life before the TVA were left unexplored.

Loki director Kate Herron has now revealed, however, that the original intention was to have it confirmed that Mobius had a family back on Earth. Herron told ComicBook.com that she, showrunner Michael Waldron and the writing team had discussions about whether to clarify Mobius’ pre-TVA life or not and, though flashbacks were included in a few drafts, they ultimately elected to leave it ambiguous.

So I think for us, we had spoken about, I think there were a few drafts of the script where you did see like a family or you did see a life, but I think we all kind of decided we don’t know what it is yet. And I think that’s exciting, right? Because it gives more road to travel with him. And I think it’s more painful when he is going to be deleted, him saying, ‘What if I had a family’ Because, maybe he did or maybe he didn’t, I don’t know where the writers will take his character.”

Herron went on to explain that the team agreed that leaving it unsaid was the best way to keep up the dramatic tension. “It felt like at least in this part of the show that we didn’t want to necessarily do flashbacks,” she said. The director, who has confirmed that she will not be returning to helm season 2, concluded by saying that it’s now up to the writers to explore Mobius’ past next time around.

“But yeah, I think the writers and I definitely had spoken about it and explored it with the studio. But I think we all decide to just in terms of when everything started to line up, oh, it’s actually better to play out this way and then it can be left open for future exploration basically.”

The final scenes of episode 6 established a new timeline, one where Kang the Conqueror has taken over the TVA and Mobius not only appears to be an obedient agent again, he has no idea who Loki is. But fingers crossed the Asgardian trickster is going to find a way to restore his friend’s memory and help him rediscover who he was. We’d better see Owen Wilson on a jet ski before this show is over or the fans will riot.

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