Loki EP Says Marvel Fans Still Haven’t Found One Easter Egg

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Image: Marvel / Disney

Marvel fans have been pouring over the complete first season of Loki for the past month, but it seems they’ve still missed one particularly well-hidden easter egg. The Tom Hiddleston series is filled with thrilling, fascinating and just plain funny references to both the wider MCU and the comics, from the confirmation that vampires exist in this universe to the unlikely presence of Thanos-Copter.

But, according to showrunner Michael Waldron, there’s possibly one big easter egg slotted somewhere in those six episodes that fans have yet to locate. The EP – who also penned the script for the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – revealed the news to CBR, as well as confirming what his favorite easter egg is.

“Maybe there’s one. I think there’s one that’s still out there that nobody’s found yet. I just want people to look. I just want to boost the numbers! [laughs] I want people watching! What is my favorite Easter egg? I mean, I love Throg. That’s awesome. I think it’s been said we actually shot a version of an expanded scene with Throg in Episode 1 that didn’t make it in there, but I am glad that’s in there in some form.”

Throg had a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance in episode 5, with the amphibious Asgardian revealed to be stuck in a jar as he tried to summon Mjolnir. His briefly heard grunts of frustration were even voiced by Chris Hemsworth! As Waldron says, Throg originally showed up for a longer sequence in the series premiere, in which Loki would’ve encountered him at the TVA – and subsequently been thrown around the room by the puny god.

Well, now the fans have the challenge of uncovering this mystery final easter egg – that is, assuming Waldron is telling the truth – before season 2 eventually gets here. The next run of the time-traveling hit series is thought to start filming in January, so there’s a fair bit of time before it’ll hit Disney Plus.

Having said that, fans are probably going to mostly preoccupied spotting the easter eggs in Marvel’s next streaming series – What If…?, which debuts on Disney Plus this Wednesday, August 11th.