Loki Episode 2 Had A Sneaky Thor Reference You Might’ve Missed

Thor Ragnarok
Image via Marvel Studios

Loki episode 2 might not have been as heavy on the wider MCU connections as the premiere, with its flashbacks to previous movies, but it still included a bunch of easter eggs all the same. Some of them were easy to catch, while others were harder to pick up on. For instance, there was one sly nod to the God of Mischief’s brother Thor that probably slipped by a lot of folks.

The episode’s third act takes place in a shopping mart in Haven Hills, Alabama in 2050, during a destructive storm. The name of the mart – Roxxcart – is a Marvel easter egg in itself, as the chain is clearly a subsidiary of Roxxon, the corrupt corporation that’s been knocking around the MCU since Iron Man 2. Inside the store, however, is where we find our Thor reference. At one point, Loki and Hunter B-15 pass a display of Arm & Hammer products, and you can see the relevant screenshot below:

The logo of the real-world household goods company must’ve been included in this scene because of how it brings to mind Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder, who’s famous for wielding his mystical hammer Mjolnir. As part of the line he’s saying at the time, Loki even recites the word “clever” when he passes the Arm & Hammer sign.

There’s a much more obvious Thor callback earlier in the episode, of course. When going through old TVA files, Loki learns about the events of Thor: Ragnarok and discovers that his homeworld Asgard is destroyed. Though most of the document is out of screen, we can make out “Codename: REVENGERS” on one line. That was the impromptu name Thor gave to his band of heroes – consisting of himself, Valkyrie, Hulk and Loki – that battled Hela in the film.

Loki continues with its third episode next Wednesday, June 23rd on Disney Plus.