Loki Fans Are Loving That Marvel Villain Easter Egg


Loki fans are going wild on social media after its opening episode appeared to feature a reference to a major Marvel villain we’ve been expecting to show up in the MCU for the longest time.

In one of the premiere’s opening scenes, Mobius investigates a time variance in medieval France. When he asks a young boy who’s responsible, the kid points to a depiction of the Devil in a church window. Of course, there’s one character that this brought to mind for fans.

Yes, everyone immediately thought this was a nod to Mephisto, the Devil of the Marvel universe. The demon’s debut was fully expected to happen in WandaVision for a while there, so it’s become a bit of meme in the fandom to assume he’s going to pop up in every single MCU project. As such, it was kind of hilarious that Loki‘s pilot contained what appears to be such an on-the-nose reference to the villain, and you can check out just some of the reactions to it below.

Let’s not go down this route again, people.

Oh boy…

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Mephisto.

No Mephisto yet again.

It’s clowning time.

Marvel must be deliberately trolling us at this point.

New theory: the TVA’s adorable kitten is Mephisto.

So, what’s going on here? Is this really a Mephisto easter egg? Well, maybe it was intended as such, but he definitely won’t be showing up in the series. Director Kate Herron confirmed this news just prior to the premiere dropping, after fans already spotted the Devil window in the trailers.

The end of the episode reveals that the mystery villain is really another variant of Loki. Given that knowledge, it’s likely that the boy points to the Devil as the perpetrator because Loki’s horned helmet reminds him of the Devil’s horns. So, yet again, this appears to be another Mephisto false alarm. One of these days, though, he’s going to have to show up for real.

Loki continues next Wednesday on Disney Plus.