Loki Star Sophia Di Martino Is Open To Doctor Who Role

Lady Loki

Loki might be a wholly original entry in the MCU, but it’s also reminiscent of other time-traveling shows that are out there. The first two episodes had a kind of Legends of Tomorrow vibe about them while episode 3 – with its trip to an alien world that looked like a quarry – definitely had a Doctor Who flavor. What’s more, Sophia Di Martino impressed in her first proper debut as Sylvie, bringing to mind both the Doctor and the Master in her performance.

So how would the English actress feel about switching the MCU for the Whoniverse and maybe playing either the Time Lord or her eternal nemesis in the future? It sounds like she wouldn’t be opposed to it. First of all, Radio Times spoke with Di Martino, ahead of Loki episode 4 arriving this Wednesday, and asked her thoughts on the Who comparisons. The actress revealed that she can see the similarities:

“I see what they mean [about the episode],” she observed, “the duo, as well. We’re each other’s companion!”

RT then posed the question of whether Di Martino would want a go in the TARDIS herself. The star admitted that she’s not aware of any of the online chatter about it, but she’s not ruling it out.

“I wouldn’t turn my nose up at it,” Di Martino concluded. “But I haven’t really given it much thought, to be honest. I haven’t read any of that stuff.”

Sophia Di Martino

As any Who fan knows, the show is about to need a new lead as Jodie Whittaker is believed to be exiting the series after its upcoming thirteenth season. There’s a lot of speculation over who’s to take her place, then, with many hoping for another female Doctor. As for the Master, Sacha Dhawan currently occupies that role, but the villain often regenerates alongside their foe so there might be an opening there, too.

Of course, without knowing where Sylvie ends up, Sophia Di Martino could be sticking around the MCU for a while and may not have time to join another major franchise like Doctor Who. We’ll find out as Loki unfolds Wednesdays on Disney Plus.