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‘Loki’ theory explains why the TVA really took Sylvie

Annihilating entire realities, orphaning little girls, classic hero stuff.

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A year on from its premiere and Loki remains the most popular Marvel Studios Disney Plus show. The surreal dive into the weirder corners of the MCU opened up the concept of the multiverse, gave us a killer performance from Tom Hiddleston, and introduced some very fun new Loki variants. The most fun was Sophia di Martino’s Sylvie, a charismatic and cynical female Loki variant on the run from the TVA.

She rightfully had a chip on her shoulder as her reality was pruned by the TVA as a child, though she managed to escape and live as a fugitive across various realities. At the end of the show, she made the fateful decision to kill He Who Remains, which looks set to lead to huge Kang-shaped consequences for the MCU.

Now, an interesting new take from r/FanTheories may explain why the TVA had to prune her entire reality when she was still a child. It’s arguable that Sylvie simply being female was enough of a deviation from the ‘Sacred Timeline’ for them to act, though this posits that her relative lack of magical powers and focus on hand-to-hand combat may have influenced them — it’s curious that Sylvie just knows an enchantment spell rather than any shapeshifting abilities.

Loki is supposed to wreak magical havoc across the MCU, unite the Avengers against him, and ultimately change the course of galactic history in doing so as they eventually beat Thanos. If Sylvie was going to grow up to become a warrior similar to Thor, that whole story would have gone down differently with ‘Butterfly Effect’ like consequences.

We may find out whether this fan is on the money soon. The second season of Loki is currently shooting in the U.K., with Tom Hiddleston returning alongside Owen Wilson and Sophia di Martino. Let’s hope we get some hints from the set that may confirm what direction the second season is going.

Loki‘s first season is available to stream on Disney Plus.

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