Looking Review: “Looking Top To Bottom” (Season 2, Episode 3)


Dom’s newest venture with florist Lyn continues to spiral out of control, simply from Dom’s struggle to accept love and care from a partner. His first bona fide relationship for years is threatened at the slightest sign of Lyn’s investment in Dom’s future. In this case, a meeting with an investor for his future restaurant turns out to have been orchestrated by Lyn, who suggested Dom would be a perfect fit as manager for the chap’s successful spot in SOMA. Yes, it perhaps would have been smart for him to tell Dom in advance – knowing his independent streak – but Dom’s reaction is a touch too brusque. The rocky road to a harmonious future for this pair is seemingly always under threat from his bull-headed nature. Will he ever accept the help people are so happy to give him?

Bringing the gang together, the uniting ‘event’ of the episode is Dom’s gay rugby match. Kevin’s British background is of use for the crew in decoding how exactly the sport is played, and helps him bond with Patrick’s friends. Outside of the central trio, Doris, as exuberant as ever, is joined by Agustin’s new buddy, Eddie. The introduction of outsiders works to give a little perspective on their situations, and throw in some variety. If the running time of each episode extended a little more it’d be beneficial to see more of their own personal exploits; to see their lives outside of this group.

However, the ending note is saved – as it often is – for Patrick. His night with Kevin is the start of a shift for the pair, as Patty winds up being the top instead of the bottom. Is this a sign that he’s about to become more of an aggressor, or simply take control a little more? With one hazy eye open, he hears the morning after phone call Kevin makes to his boyfriend. A crack in their seemingly perfect demeanour that’s starting to widen with every sweet, tender connection.

Thematically, this week’s episode is all about how we allow our loved ones to treat us. For Patrick, his entire sense of self-worth is engulfed in whomever he’s dating, their status held up like a mirror in front of him. Is the knock to your self-esteem because your lover won’t commit to you really worth a dynamite shag? For Dom, who is testing the waters of a fully-blown relationship for the first time in years, can he truly allow someone to help him without it feeling like charity? There’s a good chance these quandaries will be resolved in the future, but in “Looking Top To Bottom,” these boys are surrendering to fates of their own making.

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