Louie To Return To FX On May 5th


After a nineteen month break for Mr. CK to write, produce, direct and edit the series, FX’s critically acclaimed and much beloved Louie is going to be back on the air starting May 5th (*comedy nerds exhale in relief, knowing that their king is coming back to them*)

The real cherry on the top of this sundae (besides getting to see new episodes of one of the best shows on TV), is the news that creator and star Louis CK delivered one more episode than he was asked to. We will now be getting 14 episodes instead of the original 13 that FX had ordered.

After being the first basic cable show to be nominated for an Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy, Louis CK decided he was going to take all of 2013 to work on the next season, and since he writes, directs, stars in and edits the show almost entirely by himself (recently taking on an editor to help out), it wasn’t a surprise that he needed a break.

With Mr. CK’s track record of excellence, it’s safe to assume that the upcoming fourth season of Louie is going to be something special, especially since he’s had more time and resources to make it.

Tell us, are you looking forward to the return of Mr. CK? Sound off below!

Source: Deadline