Sherlock Star Says There May Be Plans To Do Another Special


Sherlock is currently on indefinite hiatus, but fans won’t let the hit BBC detective series fade away without a fight. Understandably, the cast and crew are frequently fielded with questions on when it might return. We’ve generally only heard that most would want it to happen eventually but there’s no immediate plans. One star of the show, however, has now revealed that there was talk of doing another special at one point.

While speaking to Radio Times, Louise Brealey – who plays infatuated pathologist Molly Hooper – explained that the Sherlock team had talked about doing another special “down the line,” but she hasn’t heard any update on it for a while.

 “I know originally there was a hope that we would do a special down the line. I haven’t heard that that’s on or off. To utilise two clichés, I think it’s on the very back burner and not necessarily on the cards.”

That doesn’t mean Brealey hasn’t seen her Sherlock co-stars lately, though. In what sounds like a pretty awesome outing, Brealey recalled how she and Una Stubbs – who portrays Sherlock and John’s landlady Mrs. Hudson – recently visited the Sherlock Holmes museum in London and talked about how much fun it would be to make the show again.

“Una and I are always like, ‘Wouldn’t it be lovely to do another one?’ But unfortunately we’re not in charge of the decision making in the room. Me and Una went to the Sherlock Holmes Museum and we were chatting about… how lovely it would be to see everyone again. Failing that, we could just meet for a curry. Or a Chinese, let’s not narrow our options,”

The trouble with bringing back Sherlock is that not only are Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman two incredibly busy and globally-famous stars, but creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are currently working on another BBC re-imagining of a classic literary character. As Brealey put it, the pair “have had their heads turned by Dracula.”

Filming on that series began back in March with an expected release date of 2020, so it’s not like we’d expect to see more of Sherlock anytime soon. But the fact that the actress says she hasn’t heard that the special is “on or off” may mean that it could still potentially happen. Fingers crossed, eh?

Source: Radio Times