Lucifer Season 6 Includes An Homage To… WandaVision?

Lucifer Season 6

Fans of the series Lucifer know that when they sit down to watch one of their favorite shows, they’re going to get a larger-than-life storyline every time. While some episodes aren’t that out of the ordinary, the show is called Lucifer after all. It deals with a mix of the mundane and the out of this world and it does so very well.

With the final season of Lucifer now available on Netflix, viewers are tuning in for the big finale of the story they’ve followed for so long. From the murder to the romance, from the mystery to the safe — the end is here and Heaven and Hell await.

Of course, the road to get there isn’t going to be some golden paved pathway with rainbows and butterflies. There are hoops to jump through, lives to save, deaths to investigate, and a time jump? The talk of the social media realm is that Lucifer pays homage to WandaVision during its final season in an episode called “Yabba Dabba Do Me”.

That being said, there’s no way to say that Lucifer did this on purpose. In fact, it seems kind of hard that they would. As Decider explains, the final season began filming in late January and WandaVision began airing in mid-January of this year, so it seems hard to fathom that they’d be able to put an episode together to send a nod to the show, but it’s hard not to see the parallels.

Decider goes on to point out some similarities like the cartoon part of the episode referencing WandaVision, the commitment to storytelling in every sense of the word, and even the time hop that takes Lucifer and Chloe to the 1980s! Of course, viewers know that WandaVision took a trip to the ’80s, too! Even the way a lot of the episode was executed was similar.

So the fact that they’re unrelated makes it all really cool in storytelling too.

Can you recall episodes of series’ that seem to pay homage to another? Did you notice the similarities between the Lucifer episode and WandaVision, too? Let’s talk about it!