Lucky the Pizza Dog has been watching herself be adorable on ‘Hawkeye’

The internet quickly agreed that Lucky the Pizza dog was by far the best character in Hawkeye, and we find it hard to disagree with them. But as with many animal actors, many people unfortunately never learned her real name. Well, we have, and it’s Jolt! Oh, and did we mention she posts the most adorable photos on Instagram?

Today, it looks like Jolt got in on all of the excitement of watching “Partners, Am I Right?” when it came to Disney Plus on Wednesday. She seemed to actually recognize herself in the post captioned, “Hey, that’s ME.” Check it out below.

So what actually goes into becoming a famous TV dog in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Producer Trinh Tran shared a bit about the process recently.

“We had several dogs; we had photos and we put the dogs on tape in terms of what they can do,” Tran said with a laugh. “We went on from there, trying to really figure out which is the best dog to play Pizza Dog. And Jolt, our amazing dog on set, was cast for it.”

You can keep seeing more of Clint, Kate, and of course Lucky the Pizza Dog as Hawkeye continues coming out Wednesdays on Disney Plus.