Lucky the Pizza Dog just can’t wait for new ‘Hawkeye’ episode

Wednesday is the best day of the week for Marvel fans these days, as it’s when Disney Plus releases its latest TV episodes, including the newest installment of whichever MCU series is unfolding at any given time. Right now, that’s Hawkeye, with the Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld vehicle reaching its fourth episode this week. And fans aren’t the only ones eagerly awaiting Hump Day.

Here’s something you might not know. In real life, Lucky the Pizza Dog is a social media star. Jolt, the canine performer who plays Kate Bishop’s heroic adopted dog on the show, has an Instagram following of over 26.2K followers. In his latest post, “Jolt” jokes about waiting for Hawkeye Day to get here. “Waiting for Wednesday to come around again be like…” reads the caption to a shot from episode 3, which sees Kate, Pizza Dog, and Clint sitting on a doorstep looking bored.

Jolt makes the perfect Pizza Dog, but it turns out that the process of finding the right good boy to perform the part was surprisingly challenging. Marvel producer Trinh Tran has revealed that the team viewed a ton of dog auditions until they found Jolt. Renner and Steinfeld have both gushed about working with their four-legged co-star as well, although they admitted that he can be tough to control when they’re filming on location and there are squirrels around. Let’s hope Pizza Dog never teams up with Squirrel Girl in the MCU.

But we do hope that Lucky has a long life the MCU beyond these six episodes of Hawkeye. Steinfeld is bound to stick around for a while as Kate, so it adds up that Pizza Dog would do the same as her loyal pet. Maybe he could even become the team mascot of the Young Avengers once the next-generational hero team forms.

Marvel’s Hawkeye continues tomorrow on Disney Plus.