Luke Cage Would Join The Avengers… For A Price

Ever since the Marvel Netflix shows were announced, fans have assumed that there would be some kind of crossover with the MCU at some point, but aside from the occasional rumor and a lot of speculation, we’ve actually never had any evidence that the studio was even considering it – though seeing Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and co. up on the big screen still seems like a no-brainer to most people.

Luke Cage began streaming on Netflix recently, and star Mike Colter was asked if he could see himself suiting up with The Avengers at all during an interview with Empire Online. Though the actor seemed hesitant about the movie and TV universes colliding when speaking about this in the past, this time he definitely seems a bit more open to the idea – if Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were prepared to pay for the privilege, that is:

I think we have to get to a point where Luke is entrenched in the Marvel Universe. I think he would need to be literally a hero for hire, because I don’t think he’d join forces with anyone for nothing. He’s pretty busy trying to make ends meet, so as we build his storyline it’d have to be something like that. The Avengers are off dealing with aliens; Luke is trying to take care of Harlem and New York. It’s more personal for him. You’d have to justice him [getting involved] with dollars.

Anyone who’s watched the series will know that Cage actually turns down payment on a couple of different occasions, but then again, I guess taking on a few gangsters doesn’t exactly carry the same risk as battling aliens and super-powered villains.

Tell us, do you hope to see Luke Cage and the rest of Marvel’s Netflix characters mix it up with the heroes of the big screen some day, or would you prefer if both universes remained separate?