Luke Cage Promo Offers Best Look Yet At Misty Knight’s Cybernetic Arm


As is usual for the Netflix corner of the MCU, Luke Cage has taken its time moving NYPD cop Misty Knight to where she often is in the comics. She began as a straight-laced detective but by the end of season 1, her waning faith in the law and her friendship with the titular hero had tempted her into vigilantism.

This continued in The Defenders, which saw her lose a limb during the battle with the Hand. Now, in the upcoming second season, one all-important aspect of Misty from the comics will finally be introduced: her cybernetic arm. We’ve had glimpses of it in teaser trailers and photos so far, but this new promo below gives us our best look yet at Misty’s high-tech limb.

The caption reminds us that she’s “no sidekick” while the video promises that the fan favorite won’t be holding back in season 2. See for yourself:

Misty’s not the first MCU character to sport a bionic artificial limb, of course, as both Bucky Barnes and Rhodey had robotic walking aids in Captain America: Civil War. Interestingly, though, Misty’s is nowhere near as high-tech as those character’s versions, likely because the movies have bigger budgets. However, there’s also an explanation that works within the Marvel universe, too.

The Defenders established that Iron Fist was funding Misty’s cybernetic arm and developing it through his company, Rand Enterprises. It seems that Rand’s tech, while still impressive, isn’t quite as cutting edge as the Vibranium-infused engineering from Wakanda or Tony Stark’s innovations. Then again, we should also note that Stark’s responsible for designing her arm in the comics.

Another key part of the character that’ll be developed in Luke Cage season 2 is Misty’s friendship with fellow Daughter of the Dragon, Colleen Wing. The pair first became pals in The Defenders, but clips from the next run of Cage promise that they’ll be more like the partners in crime-fighting that they are in the source material. Will they form their own private detective agency by the end of the season, though? We’ll find out when the man with unbreakable skin returns to Netflix on June 22nd.

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