Luke Cage Season 2 May Start Shooting Sooner Than Expected


Marvel and Netflix delivered another huge hit when they launched Luke Cage last year, and while a second season was confirmed shortly after it arrived on the streaming service, we still have no idea when that will be released or even when it’s set to begin production.

Mike Colter’s Luke Cage will be seen in The Defenders later this year, that much we know, but it seems that the character will be back in his own solo show a lot sooner than expected. That’s because a few days ago, Simone Missick (Misty Knight) took to social media to reveal that she’s begun training for her next small screen appearance. While Jessica Jones is currently shooting in NYC, it seems unlikely that Misty would appear there, and there’s also been other evidence that’s surfaced which points to Missick preparing for Luke Cage. For one, according to OLV, production signs for the show have started appearing in New York, a surefire sign that Marvel intends to start shooting the series very shortly.

What direction season 2 of Luke Cage will take remains to be seen, especially as it’s The Defenders which will deal with the fallout of the hero being put in prison. Given the mixed response to Iron Fist, perhaps Marvel will throw Danny Rand into the mix so that we finally get Heroes for Hire? Pairing the two up would be a lot of fun, but with Diamondback still out there, Luke may have his hands a bit full.

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Source: Screen Rant