Marvel’s Hero For Hire Meets His Match In Official Trailer For Luke Cage Season 2


“Just so we’re clear. I’m not in the market for a sidekick.”

That’s Luke Cage there, explaining to a cocksure Misty Knight (Simone Missick) why he prefers to go at it alone. But it seems Marvel’s Hero for Hire could do with some reinforcements, as John McIver/Bushmaster (The Deuce‘s Mustafa Shakir) has arrived in Harlem baying for blood. Oh, and did we mention he’s also a bulletproof force to be reckoned with? Suddenly Cage doesn’t seem so unbreakable after all…

To make matters worse, Mariah Dillard (Alfre Woodard) and the ice-cool Shades (Theo Rossi) are busy plotting a new strategy to seize control of the empire Cottonmouth (Mahershala Ali) left behind, leaving Luke Cage with little choice but to roll his sleeves up and confront his new adversaries.

All of this (and more!) unfurls in the official trailer for Luke Cage season 2, which looks set to welcome Marvel fans back to the TV universe this summer.

To coincide with today’s trailer reveal, Marvel and Netflix also dropped a brand new poster for Luke Cage’s second solo adventure, which places the focus squarely on Mike Colter’s Defender and the community he holds so dear. In fact, below you’ll see Luke Cage literally carrying the weight of Harlem on his shoulders, which only adds to the whole “Black Jesus” status that stems from today’s brand new trailer.

Also on board for this one is Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson), who is fast becoming a mainstay of Marvel’s television output, what with her roles across Daredevil, Iron Fist and last year’s Defenders team-up series, which may well be remembered as a heroic flash in the plan.

Meanwhile, season 2 of Marvel’s Luke Cage will begin its rollout on June 22nd, and it seems it’ll herald a mini Defenders reunion of its own.

Luke Cage season 2