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Luke Grimes reveals the reason he hasn’t watched ’Yellowstone’

His reason is a nod to his dedication to breathing life into Kayce Dutton.

Luke Grimes and Kevin Costner
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Luke Grimes might be the heart and soul of Yellowstone, but he recently explained the fascinating reason that he’s yet to sit down and watch Paramount’s number-one series.

Ahead of the season five premiere and alongside his debut as the face of a new Stetson campaign, Grimes is opening up about playing the cowboy we all know and love. Kayce is a multifaceted character and a fan favorite, and his dedication to the role doesn’t leave room for him to watch the series just yet. 

Speaking with Cowboys and Indians, Grimes explained the reason he hasn’t watched Yellowstone yet, and it’s a nod to who he is as an artist.

“You said something interesting there about Kayce being the most morally centered. And I think from the outside looking in that’s what you see, but I think for Kayce, he doesn’t feel that way at all. I think he thinks he’s a terrible person. And when you look at him from the outside, and you know that he’s not, and you can see his big bleeding heart, you really do feel for the guy. That’s a reason why I don’t watch the show. I will one day, but I don’t want to see what the audience sees because I think that would make it harder to play him. There’s a big dichotomy between the way he feels about himself and the choices he makes. And I think that’s what’s most interesting about Kayce.”

Grimes can play the part of Kayce as eloquently and passionately as he does because he’s yet to see how he comes across to fans. Of course, he’s heard how many people love and admire Kayce and his role in the Dutton family, but he’s playing him from the mind and soul of the character — through a particular lens. 

He continued by talking about what he thinks might change if he were to sit down and watch the series right now. Grimes’ way of thinking makes a lot of sense, and we think everyone on the cast would agree. Fans love this series and can find the silver lining in almost any character. He doesn’t want to be influenced by the bigger picture as he brings his version of this character to life.

Kayce is a fan favorite, so he’s been doing it all right. 

“I think if I just sit and watch with everyone else, I might be drawing conclusions about this guy or I might be getting in my head about things because we’re all insecure human beings. Maybe that would affect my choices in some way. I’m actually very excited to watch the whole thing one day because I want to see what everybody else is doing. There are so many worlds within the show. And there’s a lot of performances I haven’t gotten to see yet. I’ve seen a few episodes. I saw the premiere, obviously. So I saw the very first one and then little things here and there, and I’ve watched maybe two episodes with my wife, because she made me. But for the most part, I just want to sort of keep the actual tone of the show a mystery. I just want to feel it from the inside out.”

Feeling the series from the inside out has to be quite the experience, and it’ll be interesting for Grimes to discover it in its entirety one day. Hopefully, that day doesn’t come for quite some time; we’re in this for the long haul. 

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