Kevin Rahm Wants An LA-Based Mad Men Spin-Off Starring Kevin Rahm

kevin rahm mad men

Every great show runs the risk of a terrible spin-off – for every Kenan and Kel, there’s ten Joanie Loves Chachis. The biggest show of recent years, possibly ever – Breaking Bad – has long been rumoured to be receiving its own spin-off based around Bob Odenkirk’s slimey lawyer Saul Goodman which, admittedly, would be awesome.

There is still one show that reigns as king of the critical crop, however, and has done pretty much consistently for six seasons – fellow AMC stablemate Mad Men. Could that show too be in line for its own spin-off? According to one cast member, yes. Yes it could be.

In an interview with E!, Kevin Rahm, who plays Ted Chaough in the show, talked of his pushing for an “odd couple” type situation with Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell in the show), both living in LA. While it certainly would be interesting, it seems like he’s not getting much traction with showrunner Matthew Weiner, or we’d no doubt have heard more solid plans already.

With the show’s seventh season to commence shooting in November, news of any continuation of the Mad Men universe will no doubt ease the wounds of the fanbase, even if it’s just a pipe dream. Being one of the best shows on TV isn’t easy, and to have stayed that good for that long is not something to be sniffed at. There’s always a chance that the spin-off would be awful, after all.

Kevin Rahm went on to say that he had no idea what the future holds for Ted in season seven, or even that he’ll live to see the season to its conclusion. Ted’s death would sully plans for an LA-based spin-off, unless they turned it into a Weekend at Bernie’s style buddy comedy, featuring the corpse of Ted and his living buddy Pete, possibly called Dead Ted and Pete.

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Mad Men season seven will air in 2014.