Netflix Alum Madeline Brewer Boards The New Season Of Black Mirror


Netflix has delved into its own talent pool to fill out its upcoming season of the awesomely creepy anthology series Black Mirror, hiring Madeline Brewer for an unspecified role on the show. Brewer’s previous credits on the streaming service include Orange is the New Black and Hemlock Grove.

Since Black Mirror reboots after the end of each episode, she won’t have quite a long stay on the technology-infused series, netting the role of a female lead for just one episode. She’ll star opposite Malachi Kirby (who’s on the new Roots adaptation) in an episode directed by Jakob Verbruggen.

Besides a title, “Men Against Fire,” no information was given regarding the specifics of the episode’s plot. Given the history of Black Mirror though, you can probably expect it to be some kind of trippy, horrifying, clever send-up of our modern dependency on technology.

In recent news regarding the Netflix revival of the show, Joe Wright (Atonement) was confirmed as a director for one of the episodes, which will star Jurassic World‘s Bryce Dallas Howard and Star Trek Into Darkness‘ Alice Eve. Beginning in the United Kingdom in 2011, Black Mirror has put out a paltry seven episodes, but Netflix’s third season aims to top each previous one combined with a total of twelve episodes to look forward to.

Unfortunately, there’s still no news on when exactly that will be. We will keep you updated though on that and any other news surrounding the new season of Black Mirror, so stay tuned.

Source: Deadline