Madison Has Always Been The Focal Point Of Fear The Walking Dead; AMC Companion Series To Return In September


Long-time series stalwart Dave Erickson, who is due to step down as showrunner on Fear The Walking Dead once its third season wraps up in October, believes that Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) has always been the focal point of AMC’s companion series, and will continue to anchor the apocalyptic drama once Fear returns from its midseason hiatus on September 10th.

Word comes by way of, who spoke with Erickson about all things Fear The Walking Dead, including the events that transpired on Broke Jaw Ranch. If you’re not caught up with AMC’s zombie spinoff, we’d kindly advise you to bookmark this page and return at a later date, lest you spoil the surprise ahead of time. There’s a lot to digest coming out of Fear‘s midseason premiere, and thankfully, the show’s legions of fans will have a two-month break from the flesh-munching action to mull things over.

Per Comic Book:

I think there was a version of the story in which we didn’t lose Travis until later. I think one of the positives, and there are certain pros and cons, regardless, but what it forced us to do is really have Madison arrive. . . Kim [Dickens] is number one on the call sheet, and she’s always been, in my mind, she’s always been our lead and our anchor. From a story perspective, the loss of Travis forced her to double down on the ranch and on this family. On the Ottos, even though there’s a lot of ugliness and violence that goes with Troy and as the season progresses, also goes with Jeremiah. But it really forced her hand and made her embrace this place as a home. And she becomes hell-bent on ensuring that it stays that way. So there is that, but yeah, it opened up more story.

So, there you have it; Fear The Walking Dead continues on September 10th at 9 pm, and is expected to stretch until the season finale airs on Sunday, October 22nd. That late fall release date has raised question marks over season eight of The Walking Dead though. Tradition states that AMC’s flagship stages its season premieres midway through October, but it appears as though the network will reserve TWD season 8 until a later date – October 29th, perhaps? We’ll have to wait and see.

Source: ComicBook