Maisie Richardson-Sellers Teases Her New Character On Legends Of Tomorrow


Seeing as how it’s a time traveling show, you could say that no character is off limits for Legends of Tomorrow. Obviously, this extends to the dead, so we’ll just refer you to a guy named Captain Cold if you’re in need of a reminder.

Of course, one would assume that the Amaya Jiwe iteration of Vixen would still be on the table, but bringing her back at this point would contradict her recently concluded character arc. If you’ll recall, she returned to her native period in order to live out her life and assure that her successor and granddaughter, Mari McCabe, comes into existence.

Still, the producers aren’t ready to let actress Maisie Richardson-Sellers go, as she’ll play a new character named Charlie in season 4. In fact, she elaborated on this subject while speaking with at San Diego Comic-Con:

“I’m playing Charlie this year, which is amazing. She is a magical fugitive who slipped through with the magic that we started with the breaking of Mallus. She is a prankster, she’s cheeky, she is definitely a rebel child. She’s like this rock, tough chick. But obviously, she resembles Amaya, so that challenges the Legends. And we’re sort of seeing ‘Why is she here? What does she want?’ And because she is a magical creature, which is exactly what they’re trying to stop, what are they going to do with her?”

To me, at least, this sounds a bit more grounded than, say, unicorns and Fairy Godmothers. And as Maisie continued, she teased us more with what Charlie brings to the table:

“It’s amazing, like finally I get to join in on the jokes. I feel like Amaya always had to be the mom of the situation, like telling everyone off, and ‘We have to remember what’s right!’ Whereas this new character, she doesn’t care what’s right. She just wants to do what’s fun, and what’s going to benefit her the most. And so in many ways, she is the opposite of Amaya, and for me as an actress, that’s the dream, to play diverse roles. So I’m really excited about that.”

Legends of Tomorrow returns for its fourth season on Monday, October 22 on The CW. For more, be sure to check out our review.

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