The Mandalorian Concept Art Reveals Baby Yoda Without His Robe


It’s no understatement to say that the cuteness of Baby Yoda has to do with the sum of his parts. I mean, consider how awkward the Child would’ve looked without his oversized robe or adorable levitating crib. Well, thanks to a newly released set of concept art from The Mandalorian, we don’t have to quite leave the former to the imagination anymore.

The second season of Jon Favreau’s Star Wars show will premiere on Disney Plus in a couple of weeks and with Mando and Baby Yoda on the run and Moff Gideon hot on their trail, the next chapter is poised to become even more exciting than the first. Additionally, the story will give us some answers about the origin of the Asset and why he’s important to the Imperial remnants. After all, the character is a powerful Force user whose destiny is uncertain. And seeing as how this is Star Wars, it can’t just all be an elaborate coincidence.

If you’ve missed the adorable sidekick, though, and can’t wait for more promotional content from the second season, these preview pages from the upcoming Star Wars book, The Art of The Mandalorian, will give you your much needed dose of Baby Yoda. Check them out below:

Among the released pages, we can see some designs for the fan favorite, one of which shows him in the crib without his usual robe. With this image quality, it’s difficult to make out the details, but it looks like the character’s body structure is similar to a humanoid infant. That’s hardly surprising, though, since Grand Master Yoda was roughly the same.

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of attire the production team has designed for Baby Yoda in the second season of The Mandalorian. Considering how the Child is taking his first steps towards embracing the Force, though, they may settle for something that’d resemble the garments worn by the Jedi in the days of the Galactic Republic.