The Mandalorian Fans May’ve Figured Out Where Gideon’s Taking Baby Yoda


Last week’s episode of The Mandalorian focused on Din Djarin and friends hacking an Imperial terminal in order to learn Moff Gideon’s location. The information was tough to secure, though, with Din proving how dedicated he is to Grogu’s rescue by removing his helmet to get it.

So, where is Gideon? Well, right now he appears to be on his Imperial light cruiser, but his next destination is the most important bit of knowledge. During the episode, we saw a quick glimpse of an image showing where his ship was heading, which has given fans some big hints as to where the season finale will take place.

One possible candidate is the moon of Nar Shaddaa. This is a vast city moon ruled by the Hutts, containing all manner of galactic scum and villainy. Though it’s appeared in many comics, games and books, we’ve never seen it in live-action, so it’d be cool to visit it in the show.

But the most likely destination for Gideon seems to be Kamino. First featured in Attack of the Clones, the stormy aquatic planet is where the Clone Army was produced. We already know that Gideon has some kind of cloning plans in mind for Grogu, so this may be where Dr. Pershing is hiding out with advanced Kaminoan equipment. The planet is also the birthplace of Boba Fett, so it’d be interesting to have him return to the facility in which he was created so long ago.

If we really are headed to Kamino, though, it’ll be neat to see how much the show ties into the Sequel Trilogy. After all, we got a tease earlier in the season about the creation of Supreme Leader Snoke and the resurrection of the Emperor, so perhaps we’ll learn some of the nuts and bolts of how this happened.

In any case, the latest run of The Mandalorian will wrap up this Friday and I’m sure it’ll end on a bombshell cliffhanger. But let’s hope we also get some answers along the way, too. If it’s as good as the season 1 closer, we’re in for a wild time.